5 Benefits of Custom Orthotics Beyond Foot Pain

At FootCare Specialist, Inc., with locations in San Mateo and Half Moon Bay, CA, Dr. David J. Kaplan provides comprehensive p

Your feet may be relatively small appendages compared to other parts of your body, but the load they carry is vital to your well-being. Your feet are responsible for support, balance, and mobility, all crucial functions. When these are disrupted, it can have a negative cascading effect on your other parts of your body, including your ankles, knees, hips, and back. 

At FootCare Specialist, Inc., with locations in San Mateo and Half Moon Bay, CA, Dr. David J. Kaplan provides comprehensive podiatry care, including custom-made orthotics. Read on as Dr. Kaplan explains five key benefits of custom orthotics beyond just foot pain. 


Healthy walking depends on your feet being perfectly balanced, with your weight spread out evenly over each foot. Many people do not realize they have walking problems like pronation (the ankles roll inward), supination (the ankles roll outward), or overpronation (the ankles roll too far down and in). 

How much do you walk every day? Are your shoe soles unevenly worn? This is a sure sign that gait problems are stressing your feet and ankles in ways they were not designed to function. With custom orthotics, Dr. Kaplan can rebalance your feet and improve your gait. 


Unbalanced feet can lead to pronation, supination, and overpronation; and these conditions can contribute to lower body misalignment. This results in pain in your knees, hips, and even your back. Your musculoskeletal system is an intricate design, and even the slightest imbalance can throw it out of alignment. 

With orthotics, Dr. Kaplan and his team can correct your alignment problem at the source, setting your whole system straight again for optimal, pain-free function. 


The smallest foot issues can greatly impact how you walk, and especially how you perform on the field or court. Fallen arches, arches that are too high, even bunions can cause pain and undue wear that increases over time. And sports or fitness training place high demands on your body, especially your feet. 

Give your feet the support they need by seeing Dr. Kaplan and allowing him to design custom orthotics that provide what you need to alleviate foot problems. Increase your performance by supporting your vital foundations — your feet. 

Tailored to fit

Custom orthotics made by Dr. Kaplan and his staff are just that — custom. Some over-the-counter solutions can provide limited support or cushioning, but not like a tailor-made solution that fits the unique shape and contours of your feet. 

Dr. Kaplan designs the orthotic solution for each foot individually and then makes any necessary adjustments to improve fit, wear, and overall performance. Your pharmacist or OTC product cannot provide that level of service. 


You may not be aware of all the abuse to which you subject your feet. As the vital foundation for the rest of your body, they deserve some customized TLC to ensure they are protected, cushioned and functioning at an optimal level. With custom orthotics, Dr. Kaplan provides an extra layer of protection and shock absorption for your feet, making every step much easier. 

Isn’t it time you discover the amazing benefits of custom orthotics for yourself? Call either of our two offices for an appointment.  

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