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Diabetic Wound & Foot Care

David J. Kaplan, DPM -  - Podiatrist

FootCare Specialist, Inc.

David J. Kaplan, DPM

Podiatrist located in San Mateo, CA & Half Moon Bay, CA

Diabetic foot complications account for more than half of the foot amputations in the United States. Since it’s well-documented that diabetes leads to so many complications in your lower extremities, David J. Kaplan, DPM, a board-certified podiatrist, offers comprehensive diabetic wound and foot care at FootCare Specialists, Inc. With clinic locations in San Mateo and Half Moon Bay, California, you have a nearby office to receive the care you need. Click on the online scheduler to book your diabetic foot evaluation today or call the office nearest you.

Diabetic Wound & Foot Care

Why is diabetic wound and foot care important?

When your blood sugar spikes, the surge of glucose damages nerves, tissues, vessels, and vital organs. These effects can lead to poor circulation, overly dry skin, and slow-healing wounds in an area that’s already prone to decreased circulation due to the effects of gravity: your feet.

The purpose of diabetic foot care and wound care is to prevent serious ulceration that can threaten your limbs and lead to amputation. Your diabetic foot-care treatment plan is centered around:

  • Testing your nerve function
  • Checking for signs of wounds
  • Treating any foot wounds you have
  • Preventing foot wounds from forming

By checking in with your dedicated podiatrist regularly, you can keep your feet healthy and dramatically lower your risk of foot wounds and thus, amputation. 

How often do I need to see a podiatrist if I have diabetes?

Dr. Kaplan encourages you to come in annually for a comprehensive diabetic foot and wound evaluation. But he may want to see you more regularly — possibly two to three times per year — if you:

  • Were recently diagnosed with diabetes
  • Have a history of diabetic foot wounds
  • Have poorly managed diabetes

Outside of your regularly scheduled diabetic foot examinations, you should come in to FootCare Specialists, Inc. anytime you notice a foot wound forming, have blood or drainage in your socks, or feel pain, numbness, or soreness in your feet.

What happens during a diabetic foot-care exam?

Your diabetic foot-care exam at FootCare Specialists, Inc. is entirely tailored to your needs and any foot wounds you may have. Dr. Kaplan may:

  • Get you fitted for custom orthotics or diabetic shoes to prevent wounds
  • Remove corns or calluses (signs of skin irritation and ill-fitting footwear)
  • Treat and bandage any cuts, scrapes, or wounds (wound debridement)
  • Treat toenail problems, such as fungal nails or ingrown toenails
  • Trim your toenails and counsel you on proper trimming

Dr. Kaplan has extensive training in diabetic wound care. He can teach you about lifestyle changes and foot-care tips that lower your risk of serious foot wounds in the future. 

You can get all of your diabetic wound-care and foot-care needs met at FootCare Specialists, Inc. Book your evaluation online or over the phone today.