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Ingrown Toenail

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Inflammation and oozing near your toenail could be warning signs of an ingrown toenail. Since ingrown nails can quickly become seriously infected, David J. Kaplan, DPM, offers flexible scheduling for treatment at FootCare Specialists, Inc. in San Mateo and Half Moon Bay, California. Whether you currently have an agonizing ingrown toenail or seem to develop them regularly, schedule an evaluation. You can book either online or over the phone.

Ingrown Toenail

What are the symptoms of an ingrown toenail?

An ingrown toenail (onychocryptosis) can occur in any of your toenails on one or both sides, but in most cases, it’s your big toenail that seems to be most problematic. If your toenail becomes ingrown, you may experience:

  • Redness
  • Tenderness
  • Pus or oozing 
  • Warmth to the touch

Ingrown toenails can become so irritated, even the slightest pressure from your socks and shoes can become overwhelmingly painful. 

Why do I have an ingrown toenail?

If any of the above symptoms sound familiar, it could be that you have poor pedicure habits. For instance, if you tear your toenails, cut them straight across, or round out the edges, then as your nail grows it may dig into your surrounding skin and cause irritation. 

But it’s not just your nail trimming habits that are to blame when it comes to ingrown toenails. You can also develop an ingrown toenail due to:

  • Having poor blood circulation, as with diabetes
  • Dropping something heavy on your toe
  • Wearing tight socks or shoes
  • Stubbing your toe

You can even develop ingrown toenails on an ongoing basis if you have overly curved nails, an inherited condition known as “pincer nails.” Since ingrown toenails aren’t just painful, they can also develop an infection which can spread to your bones, come in to FootCare Specialists, Inc. at the first sign of a nail problem. 

How are ingrown toenails treated? 

Your ingrown toenail treatment plan from FootCare Specialists, Inc. is designed to relieve pain, prevent further ingrown toenail issues, and treat any underlying infection. After evaluating your ingrown toenail, Dr. Kaplan may:

  • Prescribe antibiotic medications
  • Show you how to properly trim your toenails straight across
  • Numb your toe and trim away the ingrown part of your nail or remove the entire nail
  • Place a splint under your ingrown toenail to encourage it to grow away from your skin

For complex cases where your toenail continues to become ingrown, Dr. Kaplan could recommend removing your toenail and treating the growth center with a laser or chemical to prevent future nail growth altogether.

Get relief from your painful ingrown toenail by booking an evaluation at FootCare Specialists, Inc. today. Click on the online scheduler or call your closest office to speak with a team member.