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Radial pulse therapy (RPT) with the revolutionary Zimmer platform is a cutting-edge noninvasive treatment to help you heal from chronic foot pain, ankle pain, and even sports injuries. At FootCare Specialists, Inc. in San Mateo and Half Moon Bay, California, board-certified podiatrist David J. Kaplan, DPM, provides personalized RTP treatments to help you recover from soft tissue discomfort. Learn more about this highly advanced treatment by booking an evaluation online or over the phone with either location today.


Why do I need radial pulse therapy?

Radial pulse therapy, better known as RPT, is an innovative solution to help you heal and resolve pain without the need for medications, injections, or invasive measures. Dr. Kaplan could recommend RPT if you have:

  • Heel pain
  • Joint pain
  • Ankle sprain
  • Plantar fasciitis 
  • Muscle or tendon strain

RPT is often used to help athletes recover from sports injuries and overuse issues quickly, so they don’t have to spend too much time on the sidelines. 

How does RPT work? 

Radial pulse therapy involves moving a handheld applicator over your treatment area. The Zimmer RPT applicator contains a specialized projectile that’s accelerated (or pulsating) through the electromagnetic transfer of kinetic energy. 

Once this kinetic energy is transformed in the applicator head, it sends impact energy deep into your soft tissues in a pulsating manner. This effect stimulates blood flow to the injured area and promotes soft-tissue healing over time. 

When will I have results with RPT?

You should start noticing an improvement in your foot and ankle pain shortly after your very first RPT session at FootCare Specialists, Inc. For optimal results, Dr. Kaplan will likely recommend one or two RPT sessions each week for a total of five or six sessions.

Because most RPT treatments from FootCare Specialists, Inc. take less than 10 minutes and require no downtime, it’s a convenient service to schedule during your lunch hour. 

Is RPT painful?

Most patients find that RPT feels like a deep-tissue massage. While some parts may be a little uncomfortable if your foot is sore or injured, the overall sensation is very well-tolerated. 

The Zimmer RPT platform is designed with patient comfort in mind by delivering longer, gentler pulsations, which eliminates the intense pressure that other RPT systems may deliver. Dr. Kaplan is dedicated to ensuring your RPT treatments are as comfortable and painless as possible. 

Find out more about the healing benefits of Zimmer RPT by booking an exam at FootCare Specialists, Inc. To make an appointment with Dr. Kaplan, click on the online scheduler or call either office to speak with a team member.